• I’ve found the LIFT coaching energises me and fast tracks my management practice learning and confidence…

    Project Manager

  • After LIFT workshops and coaching I felt a lot more confident and excited about implementing change in our organisation…

    Senior Occupational Therapist & Team Leader

  • Coaching with LIFT helped me to reduce some of my anxiety about various issues in the workplace and at home, helped me to step back from fixing problems and be ok with knowing “not perfect” is actually quite enough …and now I’m happier in who I am.”

    Executive Assistant & Mum (of 2)


  • I have found Belbin profiling has made me more aware of what improves and limits my conversations and how I think the same or differently to others. It’s easy to remember and apply at work and in my family!

    Administration Team Member

  • Profile work with LIFT made me more conscious of my natural strengths and what are my less preferred roles plus how diverse my team is now I know their profiles too!

    Project Team Coordinator

  • Belbin gives us another view of the applicant and their potential behaviours, job-fit, and team-fit especially useful when looking to fill positions where the role is shared or to maintain the diversity of our executive/leadership group …

    Human Resources Director

Team Development

  • Unlike other leadership courses I’d attended in the past this course gave me strategies for changing behaviours that were practical and useful in my workplace..i am using already!

    Team Manager

  • Our LIFT facilitator was fantastic. She was informative, approachable & made every workshop interesting and useful…

    Team Leader

  • That was the best “PD” day I have ever had – practical and positive. I loved the LIFT activities.

    Workforce Development Manager

  • Top quality productive team day! Thought provoking interactive day that reminded us all of the importance of values, gratitude and play. Thank you…

    Team Member

  • Thank you for helping our team, many wonderful things have been happening since you and the LIFT team began working with us!

    Team member


  • I wanted to send my sincere thanks for the excellent workshop LIFT provided to our key staff. Thank you for your support in developing a positive learning environment for our senior leaders with practical performance tools for their teams, that creates a safe/quality service to our patients!

    Director Safety, Quality and Performance

  • Your course has been an eye opener to me. I have had to re-evaluate who I am and my motivations for doing what I do in our team and so did everyone else. Thank you for guiding all of us through a very valuable, vulnerable and effective learning and growth process…

    Nurse Director

  • This is by far the best program we’ve invested in, with real results in the workplace and changes in my executive and managers’ behaviours that I have seen in just a few months!…


  • I wish I could ‘clone’ you!! Thank you for your fantastic training and coaching of our top leaders…

    Organisational Performance Manager

  • I truly enjoy your LIFT workshops, they are inspirational and motivating. I attribute my recent success in obtaining a senior leadership position to my leadership learning with you…

    Clinical Manager

  • May I take this opportunity to tell you what an excellent workshop you presented. It was encouraging that someone is finally working with us as managers in such a professional, practical and encouraging way…

    Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • LIFT has made a definite difference here in so many ways, sincere thanks…

    Team member

  • Great ‘Leader Lift’ day. Opened my eyes to new ideas and created an interest in me to learn and experience more.

    Team member

  • I strongly recommend you go quickly to the next Leader Lift day. This is a very productive day, well done.

    Team Member


Organisational Change

  • After LIFT workshops and coaching I felt a lot more confident and excited about implementing change in our organisation…

    Senior Occupational Therapist & Team Leader

  • Thanks again for your great work and contribution to our organisation’s growth and competitive edge. The work we did to identify our values and the problem solving tools we learned will be vital as we move forward with agility!

    Corporate Services Director

  • I think it’s great that we have now finalised our values, vision and mission collaborating with all our 100+ staff and I believe it has been inspiring for all of us. Thanks for your planning & facilitating support to make this happen!


  • Thank you for keeping us all on track and creating the right environment for what was a very healthy and productive change process we all participated in with solid actions to get started on.

    People & Performance