What is LIFT?

L.I.F.T – Learning that is Inspirational, Fun and Transferrable!

"Lift is having a positive influence on everyone around them, no matter what the situation. When we experience 'lift' personally it becomes contagious, lifting the people around us. - Robert Quinn"

Robert Quinn also states that this “lift” invites people to engage in a purpose that meets their needs, reflects their values, and adapts to their changing circumstances.

Although we didn’t discover Robert Quinn’s writings until 2011 we are proud to say that LIFT Performance Solutions has be “lifting”individuals, their teams and their organisations since 2009.

Our Partnership with you means:

  • We listen to you.
  • We dedicate focused time to learn about you.
  • We live our values of Trust, Connection, Curiosity, Positive Energy and Sustainable Performance.
  • We have one single focus; to deliver “lift” to you, your team and your organisation.
  • We celebrate together. When your outcomes are successful and sustainable we achieve our vision.

Workshop to Workplace

Goldman and Schmalz (Health Practice Promotion 2005) research indicated that no more than 20% of generic training investment actually transfers to the job.


LIFT has created an innovative six step approach to ensure transferrable learning called “Workshop to Workplace”. This approach combines both traditional and contemporary theory, models and interactive activities with LIFT’s 15+ years of practical experience to tailor the best performance solutions for you - that work! One of these six steps is LIFT’s Do, Review, Learn, Lift Model.

Our Services

The LIFT Team

Our LIFT team has provided performance solutions in a diverse range of private and government industries including: Graphic Design, Dairy, Agriculture, Security, Mental Health, General Health, Safety and Environment (Mining), Real Estate, Tourism, Tertiary Education and Financial Services.

Our principal trainers are:

Cherelle Witney

Tresna Maclean

Amanda Alldrick

Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Our clients consciously build and sustain influential leaders, mindful managers and cohesive teams, creating positive capability for change at work, at home and in their community.

Our Mission/Purpose

To deliver “lift”!

Specifically to deliver practical learning, development and performance solutions that lift you, your team and your organisation.

Our Values

Our values provide a consistent focus and guiding influence that lifts our team in everything we do and with everyone we meet.

  • Sustainable Performance
  • Connection
  • Trust
  • Positive Energy
  • Curiosity
  • Gratitude

Our LIFT team believes living these values offers learning that is inspirational, fun and transferrable!